John Sanger scholarship

The Sanger Foundation was contacted by a member of Englewood High School class of 1974 who was impacted by an amazing teacher and coach named John Sanger.  Here are some excerpts from his letter:

You always hear of the one teacher that changed a student's direction. I was that student. Coach Sanger worked with me for two years before and after school and in the summer in the weight room. He taught me a work ethic and leadership that has put me where I am at today. He worked with me to the point that he entered me in the Colorado State weight lifting tournament when I finished 4th.

This grateful former student also shared the program below with us that he had established after John's retirement from Englewood High School some 9 years before.

Dear Englewood Alumni and Citizens:

Since 1970, Mr. John Sanger has been dedicated to the enrichment and betterment of the students and community of Englewood. During his illustrious career as a teacher and a coach of Englewood High School, he has been a positive role model and has motivated thousands of young people. He has spent his entire career developing the physical and academic potential of young men and women who came to him for guidance, and he enriched their lives by instilling in them a positive self image and a greater work ethic than they ever knew they possessed. In 1972, Mr. Sanger, using his own personal equipment, established the Englewood High School Weight Room. For three decades, he voluntarily, spent his summers there, receiving no pay, only the thanks of the dedicated student-athletes who sought to bring honor and pride to this community.

Coach Sanger, having been an all state high school football hero in his youth, recognizes the importance of a balance between academics and athletics in developing our young people. Mr. Sanger's own athletic prowess was secondary only to his academic abilities. As an English teacher, he deftly shared his knowledge of everything from basic grammar to Shakespeare; then adroitly picked up his coach's whistle after the last class and taught again. Throughout his career he has been a hero to many of us. We have always respected him for his discipline and diligence, and always loved John Sanger for his appealing sense of humor. While lionized by his peers, he remains a very humble man. Therefore, the parents, students, and staff of Englewood High School want to share with the community the virtues of this master teacher who has served for so long and so well. What better way than with the John Sanger Athletic Scholarship Fund?

Starting with the class of 2000, the scholarship fund will provide financial support to one male and one female student athlete, for many years to come. Based on this one time fund-raising effort, we hope to be able to provide a college scholarship fund to assist worthy graduates of E.H.S. All too often we have seen excellent student athletes graduate from Englewood High School, and then be under-represented when local colleges make scholarship awards.

Please help us, the Alumni of E.H.S., honor a great man by assisting some of the truly deserving student athletes of today's and future graduating classes of Englewood High School. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!

The Sanger Foundation is proud to announce that we will continued funding support of this scholarship fund for at least the next five years.  Thank you again for your support of The Sanger Foundation which allows the John Sanger Athletic Scholarship to continue and thrive.

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